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Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning

With the busy lives we lead it’s all too easy to overlook planning for the future in order to concentrate on earning money now.

For many there is little incentive to tackle an issue which is seen as overly complicated and where professional ‘advice’ is often perceived as a euphemism for selling products to earn commission.

These are the reasons why at Chartermarque we guarantee that our clients will receive advice from a fully qualified Chartered Financial Planner and that our services and charges will be agreed in advance and in writing.

We tailor our services to meet your individual needs. This means that you can engage us to address either a single issue such as pensions or Inheritance Tax planning or to carry out a full and holistic financial review.

The main areas of personal financial planning are:

Corporate Financial Planning

All businesses, regardless of size, face an array of issues which impact on their finances such as:

  • Compliance with statutory requirements (Stakeholder pensions etc)
  • Shareholder protection
  • Key-person protection
  • Corporation Tax mitigation
  • Remuneration strategy
  • Employee benefits

Owner managed businesses in particular need to take a holistic view of the interaction between the finances of the business and those of its directors or partners.

As chartered financial planners we are qualified to provide impartial fee based advice on all of these topics.

We use a 6 stage planning process to ensure that every aspect of your financial planning is dealt with to the highest standards.